Friday, September 21, 2012

No love, but admire....

Selamat sejahtera...

Hari ni nak citer pasal ape?? Haa... nak citer pasal hati la.. Ape lagi. Hahaha

Meh sini nak buat confession kat diary ni... Tetiba sekarang ni i admired to someone ni.. Siapa??? Adelah... Hewhew

Ntah la.. adakah mungkin kerana utk mengubat duka? Ermm...x kot. Tapi, what can i tell u for now is, i admired him. He's good..okay la. Woot..wooot.... :D

But the important thing is, i'm not mention about love..i'm just saying that i admire him.. Suddenly, it came just like that. Hehehehehe

I don't want to hope for the next level..because i'm afraid that the same thing will happen again to me. Painful, hurt, sad....i hate those! =(

So for now, we were friend as usual.. nothing happen between us. Harap maklum. =)

Lastly, I ADMIRE HIM... that's all for now. TQ!

Monday, September 10, 2012

new .. old .. forget ..


new semester, new subjects, new students, new environment, new activities,
old friends, old me, old roommate, haha

entering new semester, deal with programs that i have to handle,
so i'm a bit busy this semester.

since i'm busy, so AT LEAST it gives me chance to FORGET EVERYTHING

FORGET EVERYTHING IN HERE, PUCHONG.. except my family laaaa. Huhu

Thursday, September 6, 2012

ada ke?

"adik rasa masih ade harapan x utk balik? .. rasa2 ? " - marlinda, 050912

"ntah la kak.. sedey nyer.." - me, 050912